You Capture – JOY

There are so many things that bring me JOY! I really am a blessed girl.

When Beth announced that this week’s You Capture them was JOY, I had a lot of ideas swirling around in my head. When I think of JOY, I automatically think of my boys. They bring me the most JOY in life. They are the JOY of my life!!!! In fact, if you’ve spent any time at all here at Inmates, you know that I somehow work them into each picture challenge.

What you didn’t know is that I’ve had a few more babies this week. I have had great joy watching this whole thing take shape. The momma bird spent a week or so on the architecture of this nest. It is amazing to think that she built it without tools, a level or a contractor. Pure Joy, my friends. Pure Joy!

If I didn’t have 4,893 things to do today, I would go out a snap a picture of the babies. They hatched on Saturday while I was out of town. As of an hour ago, they were bunched together sleeping soundly. The boys and I take a peek at them often.


And how’s this for JOY?

Obviously I did not take this picture. But it was MY camera and it brings me JOY to think about driving this sweet little car. I’d like to introduce you to the Saturn. Sky. Oh internets, can’t you feel the JOY jumping off of the screen?


And these guys bring me the most JOY in life.


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Thursday Thirteen – The Letter L

It’s Thursday.

I have 4,728 things to do before I leave on tomorrow. I put a status update on my facebook page asking my friends to help me out with “L” words. I was impressed with some of their suggestions.

Here’s 13 things – from my friend, The Letter L.

1. LATE – Being late is one of my biggest pet peeves. If you are habitually late, you should by all means get started a little earlier. PERIOD.

2. LONDON – The first stop on our European tour. I would love to go back there someday.

3. LIGHTNING MCQUEEN – Oh sweet mercy. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t see this guy in some form. Underwear, sippy cup, shoes, Leapster game, shirts, cars, plates, socks, shampoo, gummies, you name it, Disney has designed a CARS version of it and in all likelihood the CARS version will cost more! I guess I should be counting my blessings that I have little boys who love this cute little car as opposed to those hoochie mama bratz dolls that little girls love.


4. LAS VEGAS – It always amazes me that Vegas is hoppin at all hours. There is just as much excitement at noon as there is at midnight. The last time I went to Vegas I stayed at The Tropicana in a murphy bed.

5. LAUNDRY – I don’t so much mind laundry, but I really hate to put it away. If I had these, I would love to do laundry. You know you are getting old when new appliances excite you.

6. LIMOUSINE – I have only ridden in a limousine on one occasion. I was arrested for the March Of Dimes and picked up in a limousine. I was taken to “jail” where I had to stay until I raised $500.00 in bail money.

7. LOTION – Last weekend on my Women of Faith trip, I was introduced to the best lotion ever. Gold Bond Shea Butter lotion. It will make your hands feel like silk. Thanks! Kim.


8. LOVE – I miss the love of my life. I am super excited to see him in two days. Here we are in 1997. We were engaged at the time.

9. LAKE POWELL – In 1993, we spent a week on a houseboat on Lake Powell. We did it again in 1995. It is the most relaxing vacation ever. The landscape was beautiful, and peaceful. I would suggest that you only do a Lake Powell Houseboat Vacation with people that you REALLY enjoy being with.


10. LUGGAGE – I am currently packing for an exciting trip. My luggage has seen a lot of action. It happens to be red.

11. LONGABERGER – I sell Longaberger and collect Longaberger baskets. I got hooked on Longaberger in 2000 and started selling in 2003. This set makes me happy. Mine sits in my kitchen. The top shelf holds a basket full of mail. The bottom basket is the snack basket.

12. LETTER – Guess it makes sense to include this word. I’m making my way through the alphabet every Thursday.

13. LIZARD – I have not mentioned McDaddy’s location on my blog. I can tell you though that these little scary nasty freakin gross boogers run wild. I AM NOT looking forward to seeing a lizard. The thought of seeing one of these makes me cringe. There is a really good chance that I will not make it back if one of these comes in contact with one of my body parts.

And how about this ugly thing? McDaddy reports they are all over the place too. Be afraid. Be very afraid. I am praying that God will spare me from seeing either of these while I’m there. Otherwise, I may have the big one.

Thanks to my facebook friends for offering up some great “L” words. I was pretty impressed and had to consult google to find out what ligase and lysosomes are.

Try these on for size.

Limburger, ligase, lysosome, Luci Swindoll, lithium (which I might need if I see either of those critters), level, lost, least, longevity, leftovers, letdown, lunch, and laughter.

Laughter. I like that. =)


Last weekend, I spent three glorious days with twenty women (and a few of their friends) from our lovely, little church.

We whooped it up in style with the likes of Sandi Patty, Steven Curtis Chapman, Mandisa and the Women of Faith Speaking team. You can actually read all about that over here.

We had a fabulous time and enjoyed bonding, worshipping, chatting, laughing and sharing fashion tips. My friend Kim also raved about her favorite lotion. I am headed to the Mart of Walls just as soon as I finish this post. I bonded with it immediately!

This stuff makes your hands feel just like silk. It is the best lotion I have ever used and best of all it is basically unscented. I have never been a big fan of scented lotions because they tend to over power your perfume. And when you pay $50.00 for a bottle of sweet smelling perfume, why would you want to overpower it with a $4.00 bottle of lotion. Just sayin.

Gold Bond. It works for me!

Head over to We Are THAT Family for other things that might WORK FOR YOU!

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll!

American Idol – Top 5

It’s that time again.

THIS! Is American Idol. (I love that!)

Tonight will feature songs from the rat-pack. That means that this SHOULD be a great night of Idol. The mentor is Jamie Foxx.

Let’s kick this thing off with that cutie patootie, Kris.

KRIS ALLEN – “The Way You Look Tonight” – Here’s the thing about Kris. He is always so dang good. Consistently good. I will definitely be making a little trip to iTunes tonight. Have. to. have. that. song. I can’t imagine what his wife is thinking as she sits in the audience knowing that that cat is her man. The whole arrangement is just! that! fabulous! – Randy says it is his best performance, Kara says he has set the technical standard for tonight really high, Paula [sweet mercy, what is she wearing? It looks like two big bunny ears hanging over her girls] says it was impeccable, Simon says it is a little bit wet meaning it was safe and nice.

ALLISON IRAHETA – “Someone to Watch Over Me” – I am pleasantly surprised to see her dress tonight. Its um, normal. I also have mad respect for Jamie Foxx coaching her about being too young to sing about being in love, instead suggesting that she think of her family while singing. Allison has never been my favorite, but I have to hand it to her. She can really sing. Tonight she turned it down a notch. And it was nice. It worked for her. – Randy says it was the bomb, Kara says her performance was a gut-wrenching performance that will land her in the finals, Paula calls the performance alluring and tender, Simon says it was a great performance but still doesn’t believe that SHE BELIEVES she could win.

MATT GIRAUD – “My Funny Valentine” – Didn’t Melinda Doolittle do this song a few seasons ago? It is reserved and I like it very much. Great job! – Randy says it was a little pitchy and wasn’t too impressed, Kara says he was not emotionally attached to the song (is it just me or does she always follow Randy’s lead on her critiques?) Paula says it was pure and simple and excellent, Simon says it was the only authentic song he has heard tonight and called him absolutely brilliant.

MY BOYFRIEND DANNY GOKEY – “Come Rain or Come Shine” – OH MY WORD! I love me some Danny boy. LOVE HIM! He was stinkin’ brilliant and I THINK he is going all the way. – Randy says he can really sing, Kara says he had swag tonight, Paula says it was a stellar performance, Simon says he came out to prove a point and says the performance was outstanding.

ADAM LAMBERT – “Feelin’ Good” – Is it just me or is the white suit a little much? The whole walking-down-the-steps-thing is all a little Wayne Newtonish to me. But to be fair, Adam can really sing. He is not one of my favorites, but he certainly grabs attention. It’s all a little over-the-top for me which is weird, because I am an over-the-top kind of gal. – Randy says he is in the zone consistently, Kara calls him shocking and sleazy and superb and over-the-top, Paula compares watching him to watching Michael Phelps in the Olympics [that’s a bit much], Simon says it was the best entrance to a song ever and seems impressed.

GOING HOME – ALLISON (Although I thought all five contestants were really good tonight!)


Tomorrow night will be a toss-up.

I’m headed to iTunes.

More Wisdom To Share

Ever since I started participating in Jo-Lynne’s What I Learned This Week carnival, I pay special attention to those little things that happen throughout the week that would typically be forgotten one minute after they occur.

Because most of those little things typically become the bulk of my What I Learned This Week post.

So, without further ado, here are a list of those little things that make up the What I Learned This Week list.

1. When you have sore gums that last for more than a few days, you should, by all means get yourself to the Dentist. Otherwise, when you finally do go to the Dentist for what you think is a cut from flossing, you may be surprised to discover that you have something lodged in your gum which has caused a nasty infection.

2. If you take pictures of your check register and e-mail them to your hubby who is currently serving a 6-month sentence deployment, it is possible for him to balance the checkbook.

3.  This cute shoe has a faulty sole. And so did the second pair I exchanged the first pair for. Hey Sketcher people, take notice. I am a huge klutz and the sole of this shoe floppin’ only makes it worse.


4.  I have a friend who spends an hour and a half every! single! day! on her hair. Granted, it looks fabulous, but seriously who has that kind of time? Clearly not a SAHM with two kids under the age of six.

5. It takes robin eggs 14-16 days to hatch. Once the eggs hatch, you will not find a trace of the egg. I am hoping this litter of three fairs better than last years’ clan. Apparently, a rhododendron bush is not a safe place to build a nest.

There you have it.

Five seemingly useless pieces of knowledge.

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Where I’ve Been And Where I’m Going

You may be wondering if I’ve dropped off of the face of the earth.

Because it is rare that I ever go more than one day without posting.

Rare, indeed.

But alas, I am back.

Wanna know where I’ve been?

I thought you might.


I’ve Been….

Pole dancing on our church bus. [I can see the smile on McDaddy’s face from here!]

I’ve been chatting it up with my girlfriends at Ruby Tuesday, where, by the way, I ate some fabulous barbecue bourbon chicken. [side note: I’m not sure if the chicken was really prepared with bourbon, but it was delicious!]

I’ve been listening to Sandi Patty and her awesome. set. of. pipes.

I’ve been talking about fashion and whatnot with Sandi Patty. [Pay no attention to the mess that is my hair. You must remember that I was in a mad rush to beat the masses to the Sandi Patty picture taking line.]

I’ve been um…. snapping pictures of Syvannah jumping on the hotel bed. Doesn’t she know she could fall off and break her head?

I’ve been watching Mandisa sing and praise the Lord.

I’ve been begging Mandisa to please let me sing back-up for her.

I’ve been talking to Lisa Whelchel about The Facts Of Life.

I’ve been chatting it up with the gals on the bus. [Side note: Anytime we were asked where we were going we would simply say we were former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders who were headed to a reunion, and um… you know pole dancing!]

Women of Faith – Columbus. That’s where I’ve been.

But it’s a lot more exciting thinking about where I’m going.

On Friday.

I’ll give you a little hint.


Ahem! Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so loud. I’m just so! very! excited!

Hurry up Friday!


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Thursday Thirteen – The Letter “K”

It’s Thursday.

Time for the letter “K”

Let’s kick this thing off with one of my favorite “K” words.

1. KRIS ALLEN – Kris is my second favorite contestant on American Idol this season. On top of his singing ability, I think he is a cutie. He may replace Michael Phelps as my newest boyfriend (but please don’t tell his wife!)

2. KNEE – One day last year, I was talking with a group of friends about turning thirty. One of them made the mistake of mentioning to me that once you turn thirty you are not nearly as flexible as you are before you turn thirty. I then made the mistake of proving to her that she was wrong. As if I were still a 15-year old majorette, I went down into a full split, much to the surprise of my friends. Two days later, I found myself sitting in Exam Room #4 at my Doctor’s office needing anti-inflammatory medication and a pair of crutches.

3. KITCHEN – I don’t spend nearly enough time in mine as I should, especially since McDaddy is on a 6-month vacation, however, I love my kitchen and I think it is fabulous!

4. KLEENEX – I use lots and lots of tissues. And, I prefer a tissue that will withstand my powerful blow. Not every tissue is made the same. Generic tissues. They BLOW!

5. KEDS – Keds were such an important part of my teenage years. There was nothing better than a brand spankin’ new pair of white Keds. Ah, the memories.

6. KOHL’S – One of my favorite stores. I am in favor of any store that carries diamond earrings, a Leap Frog toy, a greeting card, a set of knives and a fabulous pair of sandals all in the same place.

7. KINDERGARTEN – Stevie loves Kindergarten. His first day was one of the hardest days of motherhood for me. Such a sweet, sweet boy! I get teary eyed just thinking about how quickly he is growing.

8. KETCHUP I love ketchup. I will only eat fries that are dipped in ketchup. I eat ketchup on hamburgers and hot-dogs.

9. KISS – Oh, McDaddy I do miss you so! Nine more days….

10. KENTUCKY – McDaddy and I spent our first year of marital bliss in Flatwoods, Kentucky (Home of Billy Ray Cyrus). We lived in a beautiful, new, townhouse on Hamor Street. Our phone number was 836-8365.

11. KAY – My maiden name. When I got married I took my maiden name as a middle name which may or may not be legal. There is some conflict between the Social Security Office and the Vital Statistics Office as to what my legal name really is.

12. KAMME, KALLI, KIRKLEN – McDaddy’s sister has three children all with “K” names. They are all unique.

13. KIDS – I have two kids that I love dearly! My boys make me smile. (You might notice that Lightning McQueen is clinched tightly in his little hand even amongst the choas.)

How’s that for entertainment?

Happy Thursday Internets. I’m headed to Columbus for the Women of Faith conference this weekend.


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You Capture – Letters

I was so excited when Beth announced that this week’s You Capture challenge was letters.”

I had two different ideas, but I had a tough time deciding which one I would capture, SO, I thought why not do both?

Both of these make me smile.

This is one of the first letters McDaddy sent to me from Basic Training. I found the stack of letters he sent from Lackland, Air Force Base and had a lot of fun reading them again after seventeen years. I was greatly amused when I saw the following words staring back at me from one of his letters….

“P.S. Don’t forget to check your air, oil and coolant.”

Interestingly enough, just a few short weeks later, the engine in my 1981 Buick Regal blew up because I did not heed his warning. Can you believe he married me anyway?

Oh, and back in the day an upside down stamp meant “I LOVE YOU”


This capture is of a letter I wrote to myself as part of a 9th grade English assignment in the 9th grade. We were instructed to write about fashion, friends, classes, hobbies, and where we plan to be in 20 years. I found the letter in May, 2008 when searching for some pictures in my momento foot locker. I though it was a fun letter to include in today’s You Capture.


I found this letter on the very bottom of a stack of old love letters that Steve wrote from Basic Training. I recognized the familiar scroll as my own. It said, “Don’t open until January 17, 2009 @ 10:39 am.”

It was May 14, 2008.

I opened it…

Today in my 9th grade English class my teacher is Mrs. Burger! The students are {29 of them listed here}. And my best friend is Christine B.

We are in Room 9 at Horace Mann Jr. High School. We are listening to the radio. Miss You Much by Janet Jackson is playing. We have honors English from 9:18 – 10:02 am and it happens to be one of my favorite classes. I am 5’7” and I weigh 132 pounds {AHEM!}. I have plenty of other friends like {4 listed here} and others.

I have blonde hair down to my shoulders and blue eyes. I am wearing a Guess skirt and a pink Camp Beverly Hills sweater and a swatch watch {I SO remember that outfit} And, I carry a pink Liz Claiborne purse. {Which I still have by the way!}

My other classes are Geometry, Communications, Science, American History, Gym/Health and band.

My hobbies are playing piano, playing the sax, writing, twirling and typing.

This year I am on the Eagle Eye Staff {our school newspaper}. I am a typist {keep in mind this was right before computers were used for word processing in our English class} and on the layout staff.

I am a majorette and have been for two years. I have never as long as I have been in Jr. High missed the honor roll! I am on the Student Council, Pep Club, Majorette Corp, International Thespian Society and Communications. I love school and my least favorite class is Geometry {my hatred for math goes way back}.

The guys in my life are Matt V., Jonathan M., John C., and Gerald C.

Well, I hope I can wait 20 years to open this.

My name and address is {I listed it}

Some of my friends signatures are {they signed my letter}.

Well, I hope I’m able to wait 20 years to open this! {There it is again… I must have known I would never wait that long}.

My Prediction: The person I end up marrying is: Gerald C. {This is a friend I met the previous year while visiting my aunt and her family in California. As of today, we are still friends. He lives in the Czech Republic with his wife and two boys. I of course married McDaddy who I met the year after I wrote this letter when we started high school.}




Now, let me just start by saying that I have always been chatty, as is well documented in this little letter to myself. Next, let me say that I’d give just about anything to weigh 132 pounds again. And finally, I’ll say that 9th Grade at HMJHS was fun. I went to school with a great group of kids, many of which I am still in contact with. I found this letter very amusing and I enjoyed the trip down Memory Lane. It even inspired me to find my English teacher, Mrs. Burger. With the help of an old friend (Google), I located an e-mail address for her and we have been in contact today. Mrs. Burger if your reading this, THANK YOU. I enjoy writing very much believe it started in your English Class, there in Room 9.


Head over to I Should Be Folding Laundry for more You Capture photos.

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A Cheap Bird

I must admit that today’s idea hasn’t worked for me.


But, I think you’ll agree it is indeed a great idea.

I was sitting at my friend Becky’s house this week watching her dismantle a rotisserie chicken. After I commented how nasty it was to have meat under one’s fingernails, she frankly explained that having two or three dinners from the one chicken was totally worth the nastiness involved in tearing it apart.

Whatever. The thought of it still makes me cringe. She began by slicing about eight pieces of  the chicken for dinner that night. Then, she cut the rest of the chicken and began the tedious task of shredding the remainder of the slices for a dish that she was preparing the following night.

Then, in my best Martha Stewart tone, I threw out the idea that she could use any she had left over for chicken salad.

She spent $4.98 for a bird that would provide the main course for two dinners. (Maybe three depending on the size of your family.)


And efficient.

I’m all over that.

Enjoy your Wednesday, ya’ll. Be sure to visit We Are THAT Family for other things that might work for you!

(Photo from

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