A Little Bit Of Gross!

If you are eating, you should totally come back once you’ve finished your meal.

And maybe even after you’ve digested your food.

And, if you have a weak stomach, you may not want to come back at all. This is one of those posts… It will probably not appeal to some of you. If you get grossed out easily or you happen to think that all manner of zits and whatnot are straight-up nasty, you might want to skip today’s post.

If you decide to stick around, then read on. It’s completely up to you.

Reading on…ok, great!

A few months ago, I was referred to a dermatologist because of that ‘zit looking thing’ that you see right beside my left eye. Do you see it?

That little ‘zit looking thing’ that is not a zit is called milia. Or, a milia.

Either way, it aggravated the ever-livin-daylights out of me. It wasn’t painful, but I couldn’t stand the sight of it, especially since I no longer wear glasses thanks to the wonders of Lasek surgery.

Dermadoctor.com had this to say about milia….

Milia are deep seeded white bumps that form when skin cells become trapped rather than exfoliate naturally. The trapped cells become walled off into tiny cysts that appear like white beads below the surface of the skin. Milia can occur on the skin or even on mucous membranes such as the inner surface of the cheek or the vermilion border of the lips.

……I am always asked if a patient can remove milia by themselves at home. While removing milia is certainly not a technique that one must attend medical school to be able to do, it is rather difficult to remove your own milia. This is both from the mild self-inflicted discomfort as well as my concern that infection can arise if the procedure isn’t performed properly. This means adequate skin cleansing as well as the use of sterile instruments. If you are going to give it a try, sterilize your needle and then after wiping the skin with rubbing alcohol, poke the milia and then press it out with the Tweezerman No-Slip Skin Care Tool. Cleanse the area gently and if there is any bleeding, apply some hydrogen peroxide and a bandaid. Milia on the eyelids should be dealt with by your doctor!

When the milia first appeared, I tried to sweet-talk McDaddy into heating the end of a needle to extract the thing so I wouldn’t need to see a specialist. Given his very limited medical knowledge, he thought it best that I call a professional.

So, I made the appointment with a dermatologist. She was young and blonde and I found her to be very friendly and chatty. As you can imagine, we hit it off instantly. After some small talk , she began prying the thing from under my skin the procedure.

Within seconds she had the milia removed, along with another small one that had just appeared on my nose days before. You can barely see it in the picture. It’s right there almost straight across from the big one.

All in all, the procedure was quick and relatively painless. The milia is gone and I only need to return to the dermatologist if another one appears.


At the very least, I was thrilled that I was able to have both of them removed in one visit. Oh how I love a ‘buy one, get one free deal’.

Maybe next time, I’ll find me a Tweezerman No-Slip Skin Care Tool to extract the thing myself. The torture tool looks like this.

Doesn’t that look like loads of fun.

Oh, the wonder of the internet!

By the looks of that tool, I am confident he could have pulled it off.

Or out.


I’m totally trying it myself next time. I’ll be playing fast and loose with the words medical and procedure.

I paid close attention to the procedure and have no doubt that I could perform the procedure extract the thing myself.


  1. says

    Okay, when I saw the dermatologist, she said that they couldn’t do anything about those milia thingies that were cropping up all over my face. What’s up with that? Looks like I’ll be going in on my own… Scalpel…

  2. says

    Hey, I get these all the time and you can avoid them by getting yourself a good facial scrub. The lady who gave me facials recommended this to me and it woks!

    Currently I am using Burts Bees Peach and Willowbark Deep Pore Facial Scrub, because during economically challenged days one has to shop over the counter! But it works great! I use the scrub and then rinse, then I just wash my face with my normal face wash. I scrub a couple times a week. and it keeps those milia away. Occasionally I have periods where I forget to scrub and milia pop up, but a day or two of scrubbing renders them “outta there”!

    Its much easier than a scary dental tool!

  3. says

    I have had those stinkin’ milia before. My old hair stylist gave me this razor like tool and can you believe I actually used it?!? I probably shouldn’t have as so many things could have gone wrong but it got rid of it. I think next time I’ll go your route and see the MD.