Thursday Thirteen – 13 Things That Tick Me Off

Yeah, I guess you can tell by the title that this is going to be bad.

I threatened to do this post two weeks ago but thought my loyal blog fans (both of you!) might not want to partake of my drama.


Which I can be the queen of. (Or so they say.)

Anyway, let’s just get right to it.

1. Down time on this here blog – If you happen to depend on From Inmates to Playdates for your daily dose of crazy, I apologize for the spotty service which has been random. At best. Hopefully the WordPress Powers That Be have this site moved to a more dependable server which should equal less down time. (BTW – Dreamhost -You Suck!)

2. Spotty Internet Service – McDaddy made a switch in our internet service just before exiting the country for six months because it was cheaper and faster. Cheaper – maybe. Faster – not so much. In fact, it seems M – U – C- H – S – L – O – W – E – R. It may be just because my patience level is at an all time low. Who knows? At any rate, slow or not, it ticks me off when it just stops working. The laptop said I was connected. I was however, not connected. After a useless hour rant to McDaddy, a 20-minute tech support phone call requiring me to demonstate my technical expertise and the problem was fixed. Still it ticks me off big time.

3. Pee-pee on my bathroom floor – My sweet Alex is doing really good on the potty. There are times however when he is either too slow getting to the bathroom or too stubborn to aim his gun and it shoots all over the floor. Ridiculous. And sure to tick me off every single time. 

4. Something that doesn’t work properly – Sweet Hallelujah, things are not worth having if they are not going to work properly. Nuff said.

5. Rude Drivers – This is especially true when I have my blinker on and I am trying to switch lanes. It ticks me off when people just speed up so they can get in front of you instead of taking the four seconds it would take to let you over.

6. Down time on this here blog  – What? I’ve already said that? Oh, I guess so. It’s happened so much here lately it’s worth repeating and it really ticks me off.

7. Needing gas when the temperature is, say, 20 degrees with high winds – Oh my goodness it ticks me off when I need gas and its freezing cold outside. As I stand there shivering, I think back on all the days in the past week when it would have been ideal to pump gas. I could kick my own hind-end for waiting till its below freezing and its either stop and get it or stop and push.

8. Temper Tantrums – Sweet mercy. Hardly nothing can register my tick-off meter quicker than a good old fashioned temper tantrum over something stupid like socks. Yes. I said socks. Believe me, it happens.

9. American businesses with non-English-speaking customer service reprsentatives – If you own an American business, I feel you have a responsibility to hire customer service reps who can speak clear and consice English. Otherwise they should be in the back stocking something, emptying the trash or filing papers.

10. American businesses with those stupid answering machine in leiu of an actual person – As bad as I hate talking to a non-English-speaking person when trying to conduct business here in the S – I hate a stupid answering machines even more. These goofy things (Press 1 for english, press 2 for more options) should be outlawed. Period.

11. Annoying telephone calls telling me to hold on to speak to a customer service representative about a very imporatant matter – Um. Hello. Do not ring my phone if you are not ready, willing and able [to speak English] to talk as soon as I pick up the phone. Seriously. I have been known to call these places back (usually unsuccessfully). Receiving one of these calls is enough to make me want to pull each and every hair out of my head.

With tweezers.

12. Our garage – The sorry sap that built our house, skewed our garage slightly off center making it nearly impossible (for everyone but McDaddy) to park a vehicle straight in the garage on the first try.  I think of  Glen’s spotty calculations each and every time I back into the garage [crooked].

13. Wow! I’m already at 13 – My alarm clock. I have this clock.

Which is a great clock except that every time the electric goes out, it automatically sets itself for Pacific time. Which wouldn’t be such a bad thing if I lived in the Pacific time zone. I have yet to figure out how to change the default time to Eastern time zone. I have had to start setting the alarm clock on my trusty razr phone as a back-up. I don’t put a lot of requirements on a clock. In fact I only have one requirement – displaying the right time.  It also ticks me off because this clock shouldn’t be smarter than me.

There you have it.

Believe me, I could go on and on.

And on and on.

But, I’ll put me out of my misery and stop there.

Do have yourselves a great Thursday. I’m off to get this blog back in order.

I’ll probably have a whole ‘nother list by the end of the day. Oh, and you can feel free to share things that tick you off too. I’d love to hear someone else’s drama.


  1. Stacy says

    Empty containers or boxes in cabinets, frig or freezer really tick me off and no matter how many times I say it they still appear.

  2. Tanna says

    The thing that ticks me off is when you press #2 to be taken off the calling list and 30 min. later they call you back with the same recording.

  3. says

    Hon, I hear ya about the crooked garage. But here, its my ENTIRE HOUSE that’s crooked. You’ll have that when your house nears 100 yrs old.

    Love your blog name! My hubby *just* ended a career as a corrections officer (he starts a new gig out on patrol soon!).

  4. says

    Ok Julie,

    I lost track of what I wanted to say because I was laughing so hard. I hope getting this list of things off your chest as helped you work your way to a happier place…because it has certainly helped me to mine!!

  5. Les says

    Sweet Jesus, I can add my own list of 47 things to this, but instead, I have a question. So the tantrums? I’m polling every mother I know, because I need some new and fresh ideas on how to handle these. Because I’ll tell you what, when there’s a tantrum over something ridiculous like not getting ANOTHER snack when he’s already had one, my fuse is much shorter than when it’s about something important…like wanting to wear the house shoes outside the house. LOL! I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Taking toys away, time out, walking away and letting him finish the fit (yah, 50 minutes later, he was still fitting). I need new ideas.

    Oh, and about the gun slinging (ha! I kill me!) Careb’s problem is he’s busy looking over his shoulder paying attention to whatever else there is going on except for his aim. He peed the other day, and I saw the whole thing happen, and didn’t interrupt for fear that I’d get squirted too… I threatened to put him in a diaper next time he doesn’t pay attention. He’s WAAAAAAY anti-diaper now, so he has been a perfect aim ever since. :0)


  6. Jean says

    Ticked — a stay at the BUDGET INN last night in a little town called Sanford, FL:

    1. Mattress pad AND FLAT bottom sheet too small for the king bed — slid all over the place.
    2. Tub that wouldn’t hold water.
    3. ONE washcloth for 2 people — give me a BREAK!
    4. Wireless internet “service” that did NOT work.
    5. Two people in the room beneath us who screamed at each other starting at 1:15 A.M. and continued for almost an hour.
    6. SMOKE odor from who knows where that filled our non-smoking room in the middle of the night — not from cigarettes — must have creeped through the window A/C.
    7. And last but not least — the 4:00 A.M. wake-up call that we did NOT get.
    We did get up, though, and caught our plane back to WV to find SNOW. It was COLD since I refused to wear my winter coat after leaving FL.

    NEXT TIME…….we shall upgrade to the Comfort Inn. Nuff said.