Sunshine and Snow


I love taking pictures!

So, it’s no wonder I got excited when Beth announced her new blog carnival. It’s called YOU CAPTURE and each week she will issue a photography challenge to her readers. Then, you take a picture, post it on your blog, link to her blog, I Should Be Folding Laundry and visit the other participants. [And of course, leave comments.]

See there.

Fun Times.

And, with a little luck, I’ll learn something about photography in the meantime.

The challenge this week is to take a picture of something you love without using your flash.

I know very little nothing about taking a quality picture without a flash, but I did it anyway.


My favorite thing would typically be my two boys, however, one day last week, I was outside sweeping our driveway and porch which happened to be covered in about 2 inches of snow.  (McDaddy is of course still on his 6-month vacation, so all domestic duties are mine.) I was out sweeping the driveway (I use a broom instead of a shovel) and I said out loud, “Lord, some sun would sure be nice to help melt this snow away.” As if He flipped a switch, the sun shined (or is it shone) right between these tree branches over top of me.

I chuckled and said, “Thanks, God.”

Me and God.

We’re tight like that.

This picture proves it!  There sure is something to be said for natural light.

Now, head over to I Should Be Folding Laundry and check out some more great photos.


  1. says

    I’m not at all a fan of snow or cold, but I am a fan of sun. You really caught a beautiful moment! I especially like how the trees are in the foreground.

  2. Jean says

    Cool shot, Julie! Isn’t God super?! Looks like a pro shot!!! NICE!

    I just finished a book — read the whole thing while in FL — easy, fast, and fun reading — that you would enjoy. It’s called “I Always Get a Great Parking Space.” Steve bought it for me at a little Army base near DC — the one beside Arlington Cemetery. The author was there at the BX signing them, so he asked her to sign one for me. Cool – huh? Anyway, I’ll bring it to Isaac’s party; and if you would like to borrow it, you may.

  3. says

    Cool contest, I think it will be very interesting to take part in such contest, because I do love making photos. And your photo is really very nice.

  4. says

    Beautiful shot! There certainly is something to be said for natural light! And love that God answered your prayer that quickly and obviously. I love it when He remind me He is listening! You Capture is going to be such fun isn’t it? Head on over sometime soon to “Two Under Two. Whew!” for my super-fun-and-little-bit-silly giveaways! You could win a collection from Tiny Two’s Baby Animals line, or some chocolate covered pretzels! See you around the blogosphere!