So, if you’ve spent any amount of time around here, you probably came here in total anticipation of learning something. Things I’ve learned this week will be up shortly. Let’s live on the wild side for a moment.

I am writing this post because I could seriously use a 250. gift card from Target which is sponsored by Barking Mad.

To qualify for the prize, I am tasked with choosing my 10 favorite posts.

Here are my TOP 10…..

10. Potty Fears and Pap Smears.

9. Unleashing my inner Latin freak.

8. Over My Dead Body.

7.  The Split Second.

6.  The Finished Product.

5.  Y are you naked?

4.  Look at that sky.

3.  13 Things that Tick Me Off.

2.  A [grand] Parent

And my favorite post is….

1.  This is how I Roll.

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