Making The Call


I wasn’t going to participate in Works For Me Wednesday today because I just posted my 100 things because it was my 100th post. And then I thought about a new gadget in my life that has been a life saver. And then I felt like it would only be fair if I shared it with all of you. So, after you read my WFMW post, be sure and check out my100 things (complete with give away) because we do love to party here at Inmates.

As you may recall McDaddy is deployed. Before he left the country he purchased a web-cam and downloaded SKYPE to my laptop. In the evenings, I log onto SKYPE and keep the window open.  Then, when McDaddy calls in on SKYPE, it sounds kind of like a doorbell. I answer the call and click on the video button and this is what I see.


In the upper left hand corner of the laptop you will see a small silver “thing” clamped onto the top of the computer with a cord running down. That is the web-cam. If you look in the bottom left hand corner of the laptop screen, you will see the little box that shows us what he sees. It is truly remarkable and it is a wonderful tool for us to communicate with McDaddy while he is away from us. The kids love it. It is very easy to use and really cheap too!


Deployment is hard. But I’m so very thankful for the web-cam and for SKYPE. It works for us!!!

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  1. says

    I’ve heard of Skype from a few friends, but it didn’t even come to mind when i thought about deployment. Hubby’s supposed to be deploying later this year. The boys would love to be able to see him.


  2. Michele says

    My mother n’law and her husband is getting ready to buy us one. When she got married she moved to Indiana and she misses the kids something awful. So her husband told her that he would buy us all webcams so that she can see them whenever she wants!

  3. Jean says

    Thanks for sharing his face. What technology! Don’t understand it — but as long as it works, I’m all for it! 🙂

  4. says

    We never had the luxury of Skype when my hubby was in Iraq. What an awesome way for you and the boys to stay connected though. Seeing Daddy’s face is so much better than just hearing his voice.

  5. says

    I’m so glad that you have this incredible tool to keep you close while he is protecting our country!!

    Give him a big air hug from the Best Family tonight!!!

    Traci 🙂