Just So You Know

Just so you know is a monthly letter I write to my boys.

To: My 2 Sweet Boys

From: Your Mama

Date: February 27, 2009

Re: Just So You Know

Dear Boys:

WOW! February, 2009 will surely go down in the record books as a yucky month thanks to daddy’s deployment. Both of you are handling it very well, although you remind me daily that, “you miss daddy very much.” It breaks my heart but, I am thankful that he is where he is. I love to watch your face light up when you hear him ring in on Skype. (When our internet is working, of course!) I know that daddy misses you guys very much and he can’t wait to be home with us.

Electronic devices such as the Nintendo DS and the Leapfrog Leapster are the hot topic around here these days. It is a struggle for both of you to understand why you can’t just sit around all day, everyday playing those blasted things. I am sorry to say that you will never be permitted to sit and play those all day long. Sorry, it will never happen.

It is so exciting to watch the two of you grow and mature. You are buddies and I enjoy watching you play and interact. I feel so blessed! It is a privilege to be your mommy.


After talking to daddy one evening, you were sitting together watching Monster Jam and fell fast asleep. Stevie was holding the remote. He dropped it right before I took the picture.

Dear Stevie:

You are so excited to turn seven years old. Might I remind you that you have only been six for two months. Your claims that being seven will make you braver, run faster and taller are so sweet. My hope for you is that you are always as happy as you are at this very time in your life. Six is an awesome year and I would like for you to be six for a very long time.

We went to the Monster trucks this month and so your favorite new show to watch is Monster Jam. Your favorite monster trucks are Monster Mutt, Prowler and Destroyer. You and Alex sit and play with these little trucks for hours. I love it when the stars are aligned and all is well is Brotherville.

Everything around here is a race. A race to the potty, a race to brush teeth, a race to get dressed, a race to the garage. It is really very annoying at times, however, one evening this week, I told you both to get ready for bed and to put your pajamas on. I was helping Alex and Papa was helping you. While Alex and I were rushing to finish, I heard you tell Papa that you wanted to let Alex win because he “never gets to win.” You melted my heart sweet boy and I am so proud of you for being considerate of your brother. It makes me smile!!!

You are doing very well in school. I am amazed at how well you are reading – you are a reading machine. Gosh, you are growing up so quickly. I wish I could freeze time. You are an absolute joy Stevie and I am blessed to be your mama.

Love, Mommy


Kindergarten Valentine’s Party – 2009

Dear Alex,

You have two speeds.


And wide open.

You are an endless ball of energy.

First, I want to tell you how proud I am of you for learning to use the potty. You couldn’t care less about the potty chair, the sticker chart or the candy jar, but you are doing great!!! The only other thing I will say is that anyone who knows anything about guns, knows that guns have to be aimed. And I am asking begging pleading for you to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE aim your gun with a firm grip before you shoot. It will save both of us a lot of headache if you would just work on that. Okaythanks!

You were so excited to go to the Monster trucks this month. You loved every minute of it. Until you fell asleep. =) I have no earthly idea how you were able to sleep through all the racket, but you managed. You missed almost half of the show. But that’s okay. Really, it is. Your favorite monster trucks are Plower (Prowler) and Bulldozer. I love to hear you call Grave Digger the “Saster of Disaster!” You have such a sweet voice. I could listen to you talk all day. (And usually, I do!)

You now know all of your colors, you can count to 10 and you can spell your name. I love to hear you say, “Alex wif a Xth” It is my favorite thing that you say. You LOVE shoes and accessories. You rarely leave the house without your “toy of the day” (which changes daily) and typcially you go to bed holding it too. Your favorite toys are White-wall Lightning McQueen and White-wall Doc. Unfortunately, you lose them all the time. If they are your favorites, I would think you should be able to keep up with them better.

Just sayin’.

You have really shocked me with this deployment. I wasn’t sure you would think a whole lot about daddy being gone. Every single day since daddy left, you say, “I miss my dad and Stevie’s dad very much,” It breaks my heart to hear you say that, sweet boy. I’m so sorry daddy has to be away from us. It is nothing for you to tell complete strangers that “my daddy has a portant job and is on a long trip. We are almost through the first month. Only five more to go….

One morning this week when we dropped Stevie off at school we were leaving his classroom to head back to the car. You told me that you forgot to tell Stevie something. We walked back into Stevie’s room and you said, “I will miss you today, Stevie.” Sweet hallelujah. That thrills my heart. You guys are becoming so thoughtful of one another. I LOVE IT!!!

I suspect daddy will be in awe of your maturity when he returns. You are one cool kid and I love you so much. I love being your mommy!!!

Love, Mama


Stevie’s classroom Valentine’s Party – 2009


  1. says

    Oh my word…your boys are so precious! My heart totally melted with the ” I will miss you ” comment! I pray this time apart from Daddy will go quickly for the boys! I love this idea of writing a letter to your kiddos!

  2. says

    It just warms my heart to read about how your boys interact with one another. My Jake didn’t have the opportunity to have a brother or sister since I could only have the one child, I hate that he missed out on things like that. Sounds like they are fairing ok with Daddy being gone, I hope it will go fast and he will be back home before you know it.

  3. says

    So sweet! And I can totally relate to this:
    “I love it when the stars are aligned and all is well is Brotherville.”
    It’s know as buddy days around here. πŸ™‚ And, boy, it can change at any minute…