I’ve Got You Covered!

It’s Wednesday and that means you get to read about something that works for me.

Last week, I posted about Y it works for me. Shortly after I hit post, a ginormous storm blew through my blog hosting site and this here blog was down for more than 24 hours. It was exasperating! My bloggy home has been moved to a new host server and hopefully this server will be more reliable than the last.

Another move you should be aware of is the hosting location for Works For Me Wednesday from Rocks In My Dryer to We are THAT family.

With all the bloggy business out of the way, we can get down to my business.

When asked my age, my typical response is, “I’m half-way to 70.”  That just seems like a fun response and it doesn’t require me to say thirty-um, five.

Wow! Where did the years ago? Just yesterday [it seems], I was using a Caboodle hairdryer on my brown hair and using way too much RAVE hairspray. After that, I’d rejoice in finding my newest favorite shade of Bonnie Bell foundation. [Did I even need foundation back then?]

Now, at (ahem!) thirty-five, I feel [and look] much older. Some gray hairs have made their way to my neighborhood and the long hours of motherhood and domestic bliss have caused a few wrinkles. A few. Seriously.

Wrinkles that I have tried covering with layers and layers of foundation.My sweet sister-in-law Angie who lives in NH is now selling Arbonne. Every product from Arbonne is pure. safe. and beneficial.  I really had no idea what to order because I had never heard of Arbonne. At her suggestion though, I ordered their virtual illusion primer. It is fantastic. I would say it is amazing, but the arbitrary use of that word would no doubt make McDaddy cringe, so I’ll just use fantastic.

Imagine you are getting ready to paint a wall and the wall is filled with holes. Before painting the wall, you need to fill in the cracks and the holes. You purchase some putty to prep the wall before painting. The virtual illusion primer is the putty. Your face is the wall.

Fantastic I. tell. you!

Totally worth the $32.50 because a little bit of it goes a L-O-N-G way. 

I’m off to putty my wall.

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  1. Jean says

    I certainly need some of that putty! Does it cover the gray, too? Oh — wait! That would be another issue. Why aren’t men concerned with these things??

  2. says

    Hmm maybe this would be a good idea for my mom… she’s got a lot of sun damage going on and she still doesn’t take care of her skin (read: tanning beds)