I Will Admit….

… that it is cold outside and that makes me frown.
… that I am hard to please at times.
…. that my husband is my best friend.
…. it takes me an insane amount of time to iron because I am not good at it. That’s why I just hang everything on a hanger.
….. that I eat way too much junk food. And, it shows.
…. I like all shades of pink.
…. I love buying a new pocket calendar, but, I am very picky about it.
…. there are times when I don’t answer the phone depending on who’s calling.
….. buying a new purse brings me great joy.
…. that I loved being pregnant, but have no desire to experience it again.
… that I sometimes wonder if my kids will think I was a good mom.
…. I have a touch of OCD.
… a lot of things that people couldn’t care less about are major decisions for me. See previous entry.
…. it makes me mad when people don’t follow the rules.
…. I absolutely hate fever blisters.
…. it’s no wonder I’m on blood pressure medication.
…. I always thought I would have a daughter.
…. I wouldn’t mind adopting a baby girl if I felt the Lord leading me that way. {If she was a good sleeper and could potty train herself :}
…. I spend ridiculous amounts of time on the computer.
…. Lonestar has the best salad in town.
…. that losing my dear friend in a car accident last month has changed my life forever.   
… I love my house.
… this blog is my personal diary.
… being a stay-at-home mom is a sacrifice (of income and career), but, I am blessed to be one.
… breastfeeding was something I never thought I would do.
… I love my in-laws.
…. I wish I was closer to my twin brothers. At times, I feel like an only child.
… I secretly dream about the Saturn Sky when I am driving around town in my mini-van.
… Grey’s Anatomy has the best writing of any show on TV.
…. my husband is the most amazing man on the planet.
… there are times when I wonder what people think of me.
…. us finding that place has changed our life.
…. I love to hear from old friends. (Which is why I spend ridciculous amounts of time on facebook and mySpace.)
…. I miss the jail and my co-workers.
…. I love the way he looks in that orange shirt and orange hat.
…. I love a guy in a do-rag.
…. that deloyment sucks!
…. I am a blessed girl.


  1. says

    O. M. GOSH… I’m SOOO picky about my daily planner! It’s insane. Two pages per week, no monthly calendar, must fit in my purse… and the one I like usually costs less than $3!! It just takes forever to find it.

  2. says

    Ironing? What is that?!? I have an ironing board that was given to me a looooong time ago. It makes a great hoodie rack for my oldest son in his room, leaning against the wall all folded up. It’s a much cheaper alternative to the workout equipment clothes rack. 😉