A [grand] Parent

Dear Lady at Top Spot Restaurant:
You may or may not remember me. I will most likely never forget you.
I am the gal who was sitting in the booth closest to the register. I was joined by my mom and my sweet, little boy.
Do you remember me now?
As I was waiting for our lunch, minding my own business, talking with my mom and holding my sweet ittle guy on my lap, you had the nerve to ask me if my sweet boy was my grandson.
Are you freakin’ kiddin me? I am 35 years old for goodness sake. Born in 1973, I was 31 when I had my sweet boy in 2005. 
As I gave you the look of death, I was attempting the math in my head. While I guess it is mathmatically possible for me to be Alex’s grandma, that scenerio would have required me to have a child when I was 17 and for that child to have had him at age 15.
Possible. But not probable.
I am rarely ever without words, but at that second, I could not speak due to the ridulousness of your question. I am assuming that when you saw my eyebrows drawn to an angle they were not meant to be drawn to, you realized how stupid your question was. I was this.close to hopping over the bench and clobbering you.
While I am a grand parent, I am not a grandparent.
Yours Truly,
A 34 year old [grand] Mother


  1. says

    I once had a woman in a store ask me if the girls were twins, which wouldn’t be so unusual today, except at the time Madeline was about 6 months old and Brooke was almost 2! Obvious size difference. I was so dumbfounded at the question that I stared at her for a second, and then said, NO!! Makes you wonder sometimes, doesn’t it.

  2. Jean says

    YO! Lady at Top Spot! HERE sits the GRANDMOTHER — one word — GRANDMOTHER! That would be I for 1 !! 58-yr-old “I” !! The other one was with the little boy’s MOTHER! People ARE goofy sometimes! Geez! Louize! GET REAL!
    I’m glad you didn’t clobber her, Julie — you did “good.” 🙂