Preparing For Deployment

In less than 48 hours, my wonderful, exciting, sexy husband will be leaving the country for six months to fulfill an obligation to the US Military.

Pardon me while I swipe tears.

While we have grown accustomed to McDaddy travelling quite frequently with his civilian job, we have NEVER been apart for more than a couple of weeks at a time.

This time though?

Six very L-O-N-G months.

We have talked at length with Stevie (age 6) about the duration and reason daddy has to be away for such a long time and we talked with Alex (age 3) about daddy being gone “for a long, long time,” but I’m not sure they get it.

I’m not real sure I get it, either.

No matter how much we plan or prepare, I doubt we can even begin to know what we are facing. We had a Power of Attorney drawn up. He’s gone over every major system in the house (heating/cooling, water lines, electrical box, motem/router, etc.) and we’ve decided I will e-mail pictures of the bank book each month so he can balance and maintain our finances.

Yes, I’m serious. Y’all know I suck at math.

As if my emotions aren’t crazy enough, our state is pretty much covered in snow. We got the ‘no school’ call around 5:30 AM. I love that we got to sleep in, but once I got out of bed, I tried to keep busy to keep my mind off of what we are facing. I spent most of the day doing laundry and getting the house ready for McDaddy’s open house/going away party tomorrow evening. 

We also spent part of the day making these:


 These are little bowls filled with 185 M&Ms. There is one M&M for everyday that McDaddy will be away from us. This was supposed to be a 6-month deployment, however, the Government isn’t real efficient in its planning. (Whatever, I’m over it!)

We thought the deployment “bowls” would be a good way for the boys to keep track of how many more days daddy would be gone.

Stevie was actually able to count out his 185,


 Alex was able to count out about 28…



Yes, as a matter of fact that is a JEEP calendar you see beside of Stevie’s bowl. We have written a message for daddy on every little square from January 30 – August 2, 2009.

The messages that Stevie wrote are really sweet and will bring a smile to McDaddy’s face for sure.


My sweet boy writing his name on his bowl.


Hopefully the “deployment bowls” will help make the deployment a little easier for the boys. 

And that works for me!

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After the boys made their bowls, they decided to make one for McDaddy too. His bowl is tucked safely away in his luggage.

We love you, McDaddy!!!


  1. says

    I love the m&m idea and the calendar idea. Great job. I’ll be thinking of you and your family over the next 6 months.

  2. says

    I’m bawlin’ just thinking about it! *HUGE*HUGS* ! Tell McDaddy that the Best family really appreciates his commitment to his country! Godspeed!


  3. says

    That is amazing! My sweetie’s dad is in the Army, during his most recent deployment his wife and his kids (all a bit older than yours) wore 550 Cable bracelets, he made one for me as well… but unfortunatly mine broke so I wasn’t able to wear it as long (mine was made out of craft cord, so it could be pink)

  4. says

    What a great idea! I liked that they wanted to do one for Daddy too, how sweet! Will you be able to web cam with him while he’s gone? I hope so, for the boy’s sakes.

  5. says

    This really touched me. My dad was deployed 3 times when I was growing up, for a year each time. I don’t remember him being gone at age 2, but at age 7 and then again at 12, it was such a huge thing! An M&M each day would have helped 🙂

    Your boys are sooooo cute; I’m sure you’ll keep each other’s spirits up until August!

  6. says

    Great idea! I love that the boys wanted to make one for daddy, too. How sweet! Love the calendar for daddy, too. Thank you for the sacrifices your family makes with service to our country! I’m continuing to pray for you, my friend. 🙂

  7. Jennifer says

    I can’t imagine what you are going through as a family these last few days together. I am so sad for you all. I cried reading the blog today…and seeing your precious little boys filling the jars to count the days down. It will definitely be an adjustment for each one of you. Steve will be greatly missed! We will pray for your safety and look forward to your return. Julie, we will pray for you and your family as well through these days, weeks, and months ahead. I want to send a word of encouragement with you Steve, from Joshua 1:9 Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage: be not afraid neither be thou dismayed for the Lord thy God is with the whithersoever thou goest. Julie, Let me know if we can do anything for you…we would be glad to help! You will be in our thoughts and prayers.

  8. says

    Those are great ways to help ease the difficulty of the deployment.

    I don’t have the right words but believe me when I tell you that I feel for you and your family. I hope that these six months go by like a flash. I hope that you and your boys will help each other through. I pray for McDaddy’s safe return.

    Big hugs. I’m thinking of you. 🙂

  9. says

    Great idea! I have heard of similar ideas from fellow military wives. Our daughter likes to make paper chains and tear the rings off when her Daddy’s gone.

    Prayers to you and your family as your husband deploys!