Mercy and Me!

If you are one of my eight loyal blog fans, you may remember that I’ve mentioned Mercy here, here, and here.

Mercy, as wonderful as it is, is not exactly what I am writing about today.

Today, I am writing about a different kind of Mercy. You see, this Mercy, is a little girl from Malawi. I came to “know” Mercy during a Women of Faith Conference in Columbus, Ohio in April of last year. I had an awesome time with the girls and something very interesting miraculous happened to me that weekend.

Women of Faith has long been a huge supporter of  World Vision, which is a a Christian Humanitarian organization dedicated to helping children, families and their communities. I have very strong opinions about organizations like these. And, for the last three years since Women of Faith has endorsed this particular organization during their conferences, I may have voiced my opinion regarding their endorsement.

On Saturday morning, we arrived at Nationwide Arena about thirty minutes early. The arena was pretty much empty and my friend, Jessica and I walked to our seats. As we arrived at our section, we noticed the orange bags. The orange plastic bags were spaced out on every five or six chairs. As I opened one of the bags, I found a “World Vision Kid” needing sponsorship. The rant that followed went something like this….

“I just feel like there are thousands of kids in the US who are underfed and neglected…. they should be helping kids here in the US instead of those in other countries.” blah, blah, blah.

Then, I read about the little boy who was “in the bag”.

After that, I said it.

I mentioned to Jessica that if the kid in the bag on my chair had the same birthday as either one of my kids, I would feel like that was a
sign from God and that I was supposed to sponsor that child.

*Cue the violins*

You can probably imagine the expression on my face when I picked up the bag that was hanging nearest to my seat to reveal a little girl whose date of birth was November 1st. The same birthday as my two year old, Alex. The little girl’s name was Mercy. She was seven years old and she was from Malawi. And she was beautiful.

With eyes as big as buffet plates, I looked at Jessica in complete disbelief. After all, there were thousands of bags hanging in the arena. There are 365 days in a year. Even though I’m not very good at math, I have to say that the odds of a child with the same birthday hanging right beside my seat are slim to none.

Unless you are an awesome God with a point to prove.

If you are not a believer, you will chalk this up to mere coincidence.

My response to that is, “Are you serious?”

I quickly stuffed the picture of the little girl back in the bag and I asked God to bless Mercy and her family. And then, I said to Jessica, “I wonder if I’m supposed to sponsor that little girl?”

Jessica laughed and told me that the only way God could be any clearer would be to call my cell phone.

I walked back over to that bag and picked it up again. I pulled out Mercy’s picture… and discovered a dollar bill in the bag.

My eyes were wide again.

I asked Jessica if she had dropped money into the bag.

She shook her head and said, “No.”

When I looked into the bag, I saw more money.

$3.00 total.

Of all the bags in the arena.

With the same date of birth as my child.

With cold hard cash in the bag.

Convinced yet?

Well, I was.

Only I didn’t feel like I could make a $30. a month commitment without first consulting McDaddy.

So, I chewed on it until the first break. And then, I called to ask if he wanted to adopt a little girl.

He quickly said, “No”.

Then, I explained the whole scene to him.

He couldn’t argue with God’s divine plan. He agreed that we should sponsor her.

So, on the next break, I went to the World Vision table and sponsored Mercy. And as crazy as it sounds, I quickly felt a bond with her.

I found out later that two gals sitting in the row behind us found the $3.00 on the floor the night before. The money was not theirs and they didn’t feel right keeping it, so, they put the money in the bag that hung in front of them. The bag that contained Mercy’s picture.

Again, say what you want….

I believe it was God at work.

And, I believe that God spoke to me that morning at Nationwide Arena.

As mouthy as I am, God speaks louder.

Upon returning home, I was questioned about how I knew for certain that the money we sent to World Vision would actually be used for Mercy and her family.

My reply was, “I don’t really know”.

I was obedient to God and I feel like that’s all that mattered. I was still skeptical of World Vision, but, I did what I felt like I was supposed to do.

My skepticism ended when we received a letter from Kelvin B. Magown, Mercy’s teacher.

Your sponsored child Mercy Mhango would like to express an appreciation for sponsoring her through Mtendere Area Development Programme.

She lives in a community situated about 135 kM south west of Mzuzu city. She lives in a home made of mud with grass thatched roof and with 2 bed rooms.

She is in Grade 1. Her favourite subject at school is English. Her favourite play is cookery.

Mercy Mhango would like to become a nurse after completing her eduction. She says may God bless you.

And really, He already has.

“Answer me, O Lord, out of the goodness of your love; in your great mercy turn to me.” – Psalm 69:16


  1. says

    I’m skeptical like you about a lot of those organizations, the bad ones make the good ones get a bad rap. The company I work for runs a charity organization as well as a retail side, (PetSmart) with a very legitimate charity, but people won’t even get out of earshot of me before trashing it saying “I bet it’s a fake and they pocket all the money” I can’t stand those fake organizations…

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing how you met Mercy! Great post. And it really helps get the word out about the organizations that are truly doing a lot of good!

  3. Jean says

    Does Mercy know that her adopted Mom is a princess? 😉

    This is a God-thing — not a mere happen-stance. God works in interesting and mysterious ways — it’s fun to know Him. 🙂 Actually, I’m surprised that He didn’t call your cell phone that day, too. Wouldn’t that have been cool! 🙂

  4. says

    Dude. Your stories always give me goose bumps…or as my friend Carole says, “Glory Bumps”! That’s such an amazing story…God is sooooooo good! 🙂