God’s Amazing Grace


I had fully intended to ramble on about the woes of potty training and to describe my new-found affection and appreciation for the tootsie roll in today’s Works For Me Wednesday post sponsored by Rocks In My Dryer.

I’ve decided to save that for next week though.

I heard some news last night that I wanted to shout from the roof-tops.

The only problem is that it was 34 degrees and I had on 3- inch-heel-boots.

And the fact that climbing a ladder to get on the roof is not something I would do regardless of what I had on my feet.

In yesterday’s post, I made a plea asking for prayers for my dear friend Jonathan’s family. Jonathan was killed on Saturday in a head-on collision. He was 33 years old and as far as I knew, he was unsaved. My heart has been so heavy for his family mainly because I was unsure of his relationship with the Lord.

At his viewing last night, I spoke briefly with his parents and took a seat on the second row to reflect on my friend and to clear my head and eyes before getting into my car.

Jonathan’s uncle was sitting in the front row and he turned around to speak to me.

He shared the most awesome story with me. It is a story worth sharing, so I do hope you’ll bear with me. [I will do my best to paraphrase the conversation.]

I asked him if Jonathan was in the car alone. He answered that yes, he was alone. Then, he added that just after the accident a stranger who was three cars behind Jon got out of his car and went to Jon. (The crash impact was on the front passenger side and the truck that hit Jon’s car smashed the passenger side into the driver’s side, which in turn crushed Jon’s chest.)

The stranger who has been identified as Mr. Martin could see that Jon was still breathing.

Mr. Martin talked to Jon about Christ and told him how to be saved. He explained that all Jon needed to do was to ask God for forgiveness of his sins. Jonathan had a few precious minutes to ask God to forgive him before taking his last breath.

Mr. Martin came to the funeral home before the viewing to share Jon’s final minutes with the family.

As I sit here through teary eyes thinking about God’s amazing grace, it is all I can do to keep from shouting. I am so thankful for God’s amazing grace and for the stranger that followed God’s leading to Jonathan’s car.

The song Amazing Grace took on a whole new meaning for me. I am a Christian and believe fully in God’s amazing grace. Until last night though, I don’t think I fully grasped the depth of it.

Some folks do not get precious minutes. Some don’t even get one second. I am thankful for the stranger who followed God’s calling to go to Jonathan and I am thankful that Jonathan was still breathing when the stranger arrived at his car.

As sad as I am about losing my friend, hearing about the stranger and his obedience gives me peace in my heart. I’m thankful that my dear friend had a few precious minutes from God to make things right.

And that WORKS FOR ME!!!!



  1. says

    That is a great story. I personally have different religious beliefs, but I am glad that it was shared with his family so they could have peace in the way that they needed to.

  2. Tanna says

    WOW!!! Amazing!!! Let me tell you about a little girl with a big heart. Ashley was with me one day driving down the interstate when we saw a crash. Several cars were in the median and it looked pretty bad. She asked what happened and I told her they had a wreck. She then asked if we could pray for the people and their families. Of course I said yes and she then said a little prayer for the people involved. Just makes you think, normally we all try to look and see what happened. It takes a child to think to pray for them, maybe next time we will pray and not gawk.

  3. says

    I am in tears by this story today! It really has touched my heart! I feel your pain, but I also feel the joy in your heart that he was saved!

  4. Michele says

    Praise God!!! Thank goodness for that stranger!!! He was an angel assisting the Lord in his work!! Julie I am so sorry for your loss, it is so difficult to lose a close friend. I lost one about 2 years ago in a tragic way and I just pray that they had accepted God.

  5. Jean says

    Hi Julie – I’ve been shouting this story from the rooftops (well, not quite the very top), too! Just when you think all is lost, ENTER THE HOLY SPIRIT to quicken someone’s heart to minister TO the lost before it is too late. The truth is that Jesus loves EACH ONE of us even if we choose not to accept His free gift of eternal life with Him instead of going to hell for eternity when we die — OR when Jesus comes back for us via the rapture — whichever is first.

    Lord, we pray right now for those who continue to reject your amazing grace for whatever reason. In Jesus’ Name, we speak clarity of Your Word for them. Please open their eyes that they may see You for Whom You Are — the ONLY way to eternal life. Thank You for that grace. We LOVE YOU!!!!! AMEN

  6. says


    That is so awesome! I’m crying tears of joy right now! How amazing! I shared the story with my husband and we agree that’s FANTASTIC and that God is so amazing! What a touching story…thank you SO MUCH for sharing that! It just thrills my soul…and yes, I’ll be sharing this story with others!