You’re It!

I think I may have set some sort of record today.

I shopped for 8 hours.

With my 2 kids.

My mom.

And a van-load of patience.

Because of that, I am pooped!

I saw this meme over at Faith’s blog and decided to play along even though she didn’t tag me. I was out all day, so she probably had trouble finding me. Anyway, here goes.


8 Shows I watch:

Only 8…. I’ll do my best.

1. The Young and The Restless
2. The Bold and the Beautiful (darn those cross-overs)
3. Big Brother
4. American Idol (Coming Soon)
5.  The View
6. Desperate Housewives
7. Criminal Minds
8. Dancing With The Stars

8 Favorite Restaurants:

1. Outback Steakhouse
2. Longhorn
3. Olive Garden
4. Famous Dave’s Barbecue
5.  Top Spot (Local Hot Spot)
6.  Lonestar
7. Logan’s
8.  Rio Grande (Local Mexican Place)

8 Things that Happened to Me Today

1.  I got honked at for being in the wrong lane.
2. I shopped for 8 hours with my mom and boys.
3.  I ate Chinese for lunch – yummy
4.  I got my first blog award
5. I bought a new fossil watch with birthday money from the inlaws to replace the one that was stolen from me at the Y.
6. I drank 3 Dr. Peppers (naughty girl)
7. I went back to sleep after McDaddy took Stevie to school – yay! for the extra hour.
8.  I wrapped presents.

8 Things I Look Forward to:

1.  My boys enjoying Christmas morning.
2.  Christmas breakfast
3.  Our trip to Florida the day after Christmas.
4.  Spending Christmas with my family.
5.  Our annual family ski trip next month.
6.  Playing Santa
7.  August, 2009
8.  My warm bed that will welcome me in about 3 minutes.

8 Things I Wish For:

1.  I wish for it to be over.
2.  The end of pull-ups!
3.  For God to keep McDaddy safe during it.
4.  My family to be saved.
5.  For my kids to not have to go through it.
6.  For God to be at the center of my life at all times.
7.  A Saturn Sky
8.  Many more healthy years for my parents.

I am not tagging anyone, but invite you to play along!