You Know You’re A Blogger When….

You Know You’re A Blogger When…..

1. You take pictures of ordinary things that most people couldn’t care less about because it will make great blog fodder.

2. You have almost wrecked your vehicle trying to retrieve a notebook from your purse to jot down the latest, greatest blog idea that just entered your mind.

3. You stay up way past your bedtime to hammer out the next post for your blog. (ahem!)

4. You ignore mounting piles of laundry, large amounts of dust and an ever growing daily docket on TiVo because you are busy blogging.

5.  You view every outing as tomorow’s blog idea.

6.  You add your blog site to your signature in cards, e-mails and utility bills.  (oh, I kid!)

7.  Your normal daily activities become tomorrow’s Thursday 13 list.

8.  You begin to wonder what various objects like your iPod, your van and your child’s backpack would think about if they had a brain and then you blog about it.

9.  You find yourself e-mailing companies (Saturn), for free stuff to give away on your blog. (Sorry saps!)

10.  Your husband has preceded a conversation with….. I’d rather you not blog about this…..

11.  You edit a post 114 times after it has been published.

12. You have contacted family members asking permission to show their pictures on your blog.

13.  You carry a camera because you just never know when you will need photographic proof of a good story.

14.  Heavy traffic makes you happy.

15.  You check your hotmail 27 times each day to moderate new comments (hint. hint.)

16. You visit Google Thesaurus during the writing of a post because you don’t want to be viewed as a goof ball when you use a word improperly.  (yes, it happens)

17.  You start a list and decide you can’t end it on  Number 17.

18.  You keep a close eye on your word count so that you don’t appear too chatty. (ha!)

19.  When you precede a comment with “I’m a blogger, and……”

20.  You can identify the flags from foreign nations because of the neocounter on your blog.


  1. says

    You are so funny! I’m glad I found your blog! Funny thing, I noticed your “Live Traffic Feed” lists me as Bluff City & your NeoCounter lists me as Bristol, I live in one & I’m getting ready to move to the other, how strange! Have a Merry Christmas & I hope Santa doesn’t keep you & your beloved up too late tonight. 😉

  2. says

    I’m here from Mels place. Loved your list. One of the best I’ve seen…and it’s so true!
    We have something in common…the same page designer! I ? her!
    Great to meet ya. I’ll be back!

  3. says

    I was blog hopping and I landed here. This is funny but I can so relate with almost everything. People at the office use to wonder why I always have a camera with me. But after a year or so, they’re used to it. They just tell me to make sure they look good before if I put them on my site. 🙂

    Happy new year!