Thursday Thirteen – If You Were My Mini-Van….

Eighteen months ago, McDaddy learned that a couple from our lovely little church had decided to sell their Dodge Grand Caravan. One thing you should know about McDaddy is that he is always on the prowl lookout for a sweet vehicle deal that is too good to pass up. That’s actually how we ended up with our last vehicle, my beloved Toyota 4-Runner.

When the guy from our church mentioned that he had decided to sell his van, McDaddy’s ears perked up like a dog’s does when it gets a whiff of a slab of meat.

We went for a test drive and the next thing I knew, the two of them were wheelin’ and dealin’negotiating the transfer date. Now, the super cool Toyota 4-Runner SUV is McDaddy’s Daily Driver (for those of you who have never heard the term “daily driver” that is the affectionate term used for the car that one drives everyday, as opposed to the heap, (ahem!) I mean JEEP that is used for occasional off-roading adventures with the Jeep Club).

I miss my 4-Runner, but if I’m being honest, I love the room that van affords. I also love the heated seats, the automatic doors and hatch, the smooth ride, and the DVD player. Not necessarily in that order.

Today, two of my sisters-in-law and I set out on a shopping extravaganza. We had to take 2 vehicles because there were 3 adults and six children.

The first 12 minutes in Target were glorious.

That’s how long the fruit snacks lasted.

After that, it was total chaos and confusion a little tough keeping up with the kids because none of them were interested in riding in the cart, especially when we hit the toy aisle.

After what seemed like an eternityan hour or so, we headed out of the store. Five out of six of the kids wanted to ride with me. I’d like to think it’s because I’m the coolest aunt around, however, I suspect it had more to do with the fact that the minivan has a DVD player. My van hauled, myself and Alex, my sister-in-law, her two kids and two more kids that belonged to my other sister-in-law. That should total seven people, although if you’ve hung around here for any length of time you know that I am not known for my mad math skillz.

Needless to say my minivan saw it’s share of drama today. (side note: this is not my actual van, but it looks exactly like this one).

Here’s 13 things it might have said today.

1.  “Wal-Mart again?” Seriously, don’t you get enough of that place?”

2.  “Puh-lease… NO! MORE! CARS! MOVIE!”

3.  “Fazoli’s… what happened to Real Italian, Real Fast? We’ve been sittin’ here for 17 minutes”

4.  “Yes, as a matter of fact I do need gas again.”

5.  “Does that cell phone ever shut up?”

6.  {Winking at the Jeep and the 4-Runner} “Na na na na na na…. I get the garageeee”

7.  “Whoa! you just scraped my tailpipe goofball”

8.  “What’s with all the whining? Can’t ya’ll just be quiet and watch the movie”

9.  “I’m cooler than I look!”

10.  “Alex, psst… you better watch it… there’s a spankin’ spoon in here”

11.  “My heated seats make me the bomb – especially on these cold WV mornings”

12.  “My doors are tired!”

13.  “Man, that chic talks ALL! THE! TIME!”

I’ll let you figure out which chic my van may or may not be talking about.


  1. says

    What a fun post! I totally get your mini-van! My poor mini-van says the same things most days, too! What a fun post to read! I loved #10…that was tooooo funny! I think we were BFFs in a past life!

  2. says

    Can McDaddy hear good car deals in NC while he’s in WVa? Getting ready to start looking – my Saturn (no not a Sky) is a good car but has some kind of crazy engine they don’t make anymore…and the dealer is expensive & our current mechanic Randy can’t fix the current problem, so my car is at the dealer. In fact I am waiting for them to call to find out WHY my timing belt is going to cost $900!!!!!!!

  3. janet says

    Funny post! My van would say, “Do I look like a toy bin or book shelf?” as well as “Do you not own a vacuum cleaner?” On a side note, kudos to you for taking all those kids shopping!