The Year In Review

As we approach the New Year, I look ahead to 2009 with a heavy heart. If you happen to know the McFamily, you probably already know the source of my heavy heart. If you are a loyal blog fan, over the course of the next few (six) months, you will come to understand what is going on around here. It has weighed on my mind every! single! day! since I learned about it on April 18, 2008.

McDaddy and I are praying that God will prepare our hearts and more importantly the kids’ hearts for this time of separation and difficulty. We ask for your prayers too and hope that the time will pass quickly.

On a lighter note, 2008 was an awesome year for us. Here is the year in review….

In Pictures! 

[Note: I will try to keep this brief, but you know how chatty I can be]. You might want to pull up a chair and grab a ice-cold Dr. Pepper from the fridge before we get started.


2-4-08 — Alex finally began wearing his glasses all! the! time! After a full year of eye drops in the good eye, begging, bribing and praying (not necessarily in that order), he finally discovered that he could see so much better with them that he started to wear them all the time.



2-8-08 — The crazy wind storm of 2008 came through and blew McDaddy’s carport down. Thankfully, my minivan was tucked safely inside of the garage when this happened.



March 3, 2008 – Our sweet nephew, Isaac was born. I have a picture of him, but I have not asked for parental permission from the in-laws to post their kid’s picture on my blog. You’ll just have to believe me when I say he is a cutie patootie. He is #9 in the McGrandbaby line-up.



4-10-08  — The boys and I enjoyed a quick visit to New Hampshire to visit McDaddy’s sister and her family. We spent a week with them while McDaddy was in Mississippi with the WV Air National Guard.



4-12-08 — Here is McDaddy arriving home from aforementioned Mississippi trip.



4-19-08 — My first off-roading adventure with McDaddy in his heap (ahem! I mean, JEEP) with the club. This was not a good day for me. I suffered a panic attack and various levels of stress during this outing. [note: neither of those jeeps in the mud belongs to us]



4-21-08 — New life awaits in the rhododendron bush by our garage. Unfortunately the little darlins were plucked from their nest days after their arrival, no doubt by the vicious cat that lives next door. After watching these eggs hatch, I was sorry that the mama robin didn’t build her nest in a safer, securer environment.



4-25-08  — Here is me and my BFF Anita Renfroe at Women of Faith in Columbus.



4-25-08 — Women of Faith in Columbus… God spoke to me in a big way and because of that we “sponsored” Mercy from Malawi through World Vision. Finally, I have a daughter!!!



5-4-08 — McDaddy is promoted to the rank of Major in the WV Air National Guard. Here, his dad (Chief Master Sargent McGrandpa and I do the honors of pinning the Major Rank on). McDaddy is an officer and a gentleman.



5-8-08 — I began a rigorous workout schedule at the YMCA in an effort to lose 50 pounds. 34 weeks later, I have lost 24 pounds.  (Notice my fat cheeks)



5-9-08 — The princess, the Queen and the Queen Mother attend a Mother’s Day banquet at my lovely little church. In case you’re wondering, I’m the one on the left. My mom is in the middle and her mom is on the end.



5-11-08 — Mother’s Day 2008 — Me with the two greatest things I’ve ever been a part of.



5-16-08 — McDaddy surprises McPrincess with a surprise 10th Anniversary trip. I had no idea where we were headed until we boarded a plane for Minneapolis, Minnesota to go here



5-22-08  — Stevie graduates from Pre-School much to my dismay. I was not at all ready for him to start Kindergarten.



5-22-08 — Our sweet nephew, Kirklen was born. Again, parental permission has not been received to publish his picture on my blog, so you’ll just have to trust me when I say he is a sweet, precious angel. He is #10 in the McGrandbaby line-up.



1/1/08 – 12/31/08 — McDaddy modifies his heap (ahem! I mean JEEP) yet again.



6-11-08 — Our sweet nephew, Noah is born. Parental Permission is pending. You know the drill. And, in case you happen to be keeping score that makes 3 nephews born within 3 months. Sweet Noah is Number 11 in the McGrandbaby line-up (all under the age of 6).


6-21-08 — The McFamily camps with friends at Summersville.



6-29-08 — The Princess directs Vacation Bible School for the 7th (and in her words) and last year.



6-28-08  — Our sweet friend from high school Jodie and her husband, Scott come to WV to visit us for the weekend. They also happen to be off-roading enthusiasts.  [Pictured left to right is Me, Jodie, McDaddy and our other high school friend, Tom]



7-21-08 — The McFamily welcomes a new addition to the family. A new camper.



8-7-08 — The Princess enjoys a test drive on a perfect, sunny day in her dream car, the Saturn Sky.  (I just had to add this one).



8-26-08  — Stevie starts Kindergarten. This also marks the first day of school for my sweet nephew, Dylan who stays with us a couple of nights each week.



10-30-08  — Halloween is always a fun time at the McResidence.



11-01-08  — Alex turns “free” years old



11-08-08 — The Princess debuts her blog, From Inmates to Playdates to the blogosphere.



11-11-08 — After a grueling experience with Lowes, our fancy, new bathroom countertop is completed, thanks to McDaddy’s tiling talent.



11-27-08 — Thanksgiving Day at the McResidence.



11-30-08  — Stevie signs up for basketball and plays for The Lakers.



12-11-08 — The Princess turns 35 years old and spends the evening volunteering for World Vision at the Casting Crowns Concert.



12-12-08  — Stevie turns 6 years old



12-25-08 — Christmas Day is spent with both sets of our parents and The Princesses extended family who were visiting from California.



12-26-08 — The McFamily sets off for Orlando, Florida. They visit Sea World and Magic Kingdom.




There you have it.

Our year in pictures.

Thanks for tuning into my daily dose of crazy. Here’s to a joyous and prosperous 2009.


  1. says

    WOW, what a year! Awesome to see the pictures of your year!
    Hope you have a wonderful New Year! Looking forward to another year of your posts!

  2. says

    YAY Julie! What a great review! I’m so glad I happened on to your site…I love it! Your boys are soooooooooooo caaaaaaaaaauuuuuuute with their sweet glasses….yummy! PS…you look like your Mom (it’s okay…I get that too). I hope the cough-crud left your family alone after your open letter to it, too! Looks like you had a great year and I look forward to reading about your life in 2009!

  3. says

    I can’t believe this year has flown by! Especially seeing it altogether like that. And you have permission to post a pic of sweet nephew #9. I’ll send a pic if you don’t already have one in mind. Love you!

  4. says

    What a great Year in Review! I clicked over to read about some of the things I’ve missed. Your “Y” experience…exactly what I feared the year my sons took swim lessons at our YMCA. We had one close call, where I clamped my hand over my youngest son’s eyes (while holding the baby in her carrier) and hissed at him, “Just keep walking!” I hope you have a blessed new year! And I’ll be praying for you and your family with your husband’s upcoming deployment!

  5. Leslee says

    My heart is heavy at the news of McDaddy’s deployment. Would you please tell him I said “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service to our country” from me? I’ll have you and your family in my prayers.

    Loved this whole post, especially my very favorite pic, the Christmas Day one with your 2 boys. SO CUTE!