Open Letter to the Infectious Cough Crap

Dear Nasty Cough, Croup, Infectious Cough Crap:

Please be advised that as of this writing the McFamily has hadituptohere! with your shenanigans. We have been planning this trip to Florida for months and now, thanks to you, our plans have been seriously altered.

Please leave my three year old alone. He feels horrible and his little throat needs a break from the raspy nastiness that you have caused.

Our plans to visit the Magic Kingdom have been put on hold, because our boy is too sick to go out.

We need some magic around here.

Magic as in bleach to chase away your nasty self.

We are praying that you moverightalong to find your next unsuspecting victim. It would be nice if you pick someone who is not staying in Room #213.  [Hint. Hint] And, it would be even nicer if you chose someone who can fend for themselves. Not a helpless three year old who can barely tell us what is hurting him.

Your Truly,

Alex’s Mommy


  1. timmyle says

    mucinex for the win. trust me. I had the cough crud about a month ago and it was relentless. if you hit it with mucinex early enough, though, you can avoid a dr.’s visit. otherwise, you’re looking at antibiotics (demand high test, do they make a z-pack for kids?). humidifier helps too. I’m thinking they make children’s formula, but could be mistaken.

    cripes I can’t believe this stuff is still making the rounds!

    hope it goes away soon.

  2. Tanna says

    Mucinex mini melts, they taste great (just make sure he doesn’t chew them) and they work. You may be able to get your dr. to call something in for you since you are out of town. My boys have started getting the same thing. Hope it doesn’t last long so you can enjoy your vaca.

  3. Becky says

    Sorry….that stinks….Abby has that, but at least we are at home. Thinking and praying for y’all