Live From Florida!

Our van has been moving for 10 hours and 53 minutes. We have driven 643.1 miles and according to the trusty GPS we still have 154 miles to go until we reach our destination. The time is 6:24pm. We pulled out of our driveway at 5:15am. It was 24 degrees. We just crossed the Florida state line and the temperature is 75 degrees.

I’ll give you a minute to process the numbers.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I’m worn out.

Both boys are asleep after having watched CARS and Ratatouille and done some serious bonding with their new Christmas friends, Leapster and DS.

I am sitting in the passenger seat of the minivan live blogging. Only, I’m not really live blogging because McDaddy’s air card only works in his laptop and I am on my laptop. So, I am composing today’s blog in Microsoft Word even though I know that once I arrive at the hotel and attempt to cut and paste this sucker onto wordpress it will give me fits because of line spacing, font and who knows what else. My butt in numb and my left leg is asleep, probably due to the fact that my legs are resting on the dashboard (much to McDaddy’s dismay, I’m sure). On top of that, I am bored out of my ever lovin’ mind.

Yet, here I am.

I have been very busy in the car today. I slept for the first three hours. We stopped for breakfast and then I drove for 100 miles.

Yes, McDaddy actually asked me to drive. Which is unprecedented.

I was happy to help out, but, I was even happier to give up the wheel and take my seat back over here in Passengerseatville.

I did get a chance to clean my laptop house and now it is in tip-top condition. I merged files, deleted pictures, changed my wallpaper, worked on the church bulletin calendars for the entire year, moved icons, swept and dusted.  In other words, I have made mad use of my time.

Oh multi-tasking I do love you so very much.

I would love to have internet access here on the open road. If that was the case, I could easily pass the remaining 2 hours and 25 minutes blogging, mySpacing, facebooking, PostSecreting and visiting my bloggy friends in Blogville.

Instead, I will gripe about being bored, uncomfortable and hot. Oh, and did I mention bored?

As you can imagine, I am quite the traveling companion.

The long hours in the car are obviously beginning to weigh heavily on McDaddy’s mind as well. He made mention of three dreaded words.

Time. Share. Pitch.

If you have ever sat through one of these, you are undoubtedly shouting at the computer screen DON’T! DO! IT!

And I don’t want to. Believe me. We made the mistake of agreeing to sit through one of those sessions for free tickets to Epcot five short years ago. I vowed at that time, that I would never again participate in that type of abuse ever again, opting instead to have every hair on my head pulled out.

With tweasers.

That was before I found out that four military discounted tickets to Magic Kingdom is going to cost in excess of $300.00.

No, that is not a typo.

It is however, outrageous.

Outrageous enough to make me rethink my personal anti-time-share experience motto that says, “I-Will-Never-Ever-Participate-In-Another-One-Of-These-As-Long-As-I-Shall-Live-No-Matter-What”.

So, between now and then, I am praying that God will drop four tickets in our lap at an even cheaper rate.

Until then, keep your ears open. If you hear howling that appears to be coming from the deep South, you will know that McDaddy and I have made the gut-wrenching decision to participate in the time-share pitch yet again.

I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great weekend, ya’ll.

[Side Note: Stevie just woke up asking to watch the DVD that Santa left in his stocking. It happens to be, in his words, “A new show I’ve never heard of”…. You may or may not have of it. “Tom and Jerry”. He is laughing himself silly, and, I am enjoying the sweet sound of his giggle]. 


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    Oh how funny! Glad you made it to FL safely, I remember making that trip every year when my son was little, with my Mother, my sister, her huby & her 3 kids, yep, 4 kids all under 10 on a 14 hour trip to Disney World, in the days before DVD players in the vehicles! Ah, memories. HA

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    This is hysterical! Except the part about the TIME SHARE! We BOUGHT a time share in Orlando, but that only last a few short months when we got out of it. They messed the deal up SO much! We got a lawyer, sued them, and got out! THANK GOODNESS! I hope to goodness that God heard your prayers and dropped those tickets in your lap so you wouldn’t have to sit through one of those toture treatment sessions. And geez, I’m with ya on the hair plucking over their spill. I’d do it any day over listening to them! Can’t wait to hear what happens next. Hurry and update would ya? LOL