It’s Christmas Eve… What are you doing here?

I am writing on the very rare chance that someone is out there reading my ramblings on Christmas Eve.

Actually, I am waiting to play Santa and thought I’d update you, my loyal blog fans on my Christmas Eve activities.

So far today, I have…..

  • Took a bath
  • Cleaned the toilet
  • Made pancakes for my fellas for breakfast
  • Emptied the dishwasher
  • Filled the dishwasher
  • Replaced all neice and nephew ornaments with current pictures
  • Put my boy’s picture with Santa in a frame
  • Fixed my hair
  • Ran the vacuum
  • Enjoyed dinner with my parents
  • Fussed at Stevie for bouncing into the Christmas tree on that dumb bouncy ball
  • Ate more chocolate than I should have
  • Said “NO” to Alex about 917 times
  • Made Chocolate Delite
  • Read more letters from the Mother Letter Project
  • Hand made more ornaments
  • Checked my hotmail
  • Updated my status on MySpace and Facebook respectively (because people really care about what I’m doing)
  • Watched The Young and The Restless
  • Spilled an entire batch of pancake mix and splattered it for miles
  • Cleaned up said pancake batter throughout the day as I found more of it crusted on furniture and walls
  • Enjoyed a visit from my wonderful neighbors, R & L
  • Packed the boy’s clothes for Disney
  • Called my sweet aunt to wish her a Happy Birthday (I got her voicemail)
  • Opened a sweet Christmas card from my friend, D and her family.
  • Filled stockings
  • Folded 2 loads of laundry
  • Talked to my cousin, Bo
  • Shook some presents
  • Wrapped! More! Gifts!
  • Polished my toenails
  • Checked the weather in Orlando (Mickey Mouse here we come!)
  • Cleaned out the fridge
  • Read the newspaper
  • Picked up 1,882 cars throughout the day  (it may have been the same 23 cars, but I picked them up all day long)
  • Gave the boys a bath
  • Made cookies for Santa
  • Blogged


So far today, I have not….

  • Put on the first dab of make-up  (yikes!)
  • stopped!


Merry Christmas Ya’ll!!!

I’m hoping Santa leaves a red DS and “his very own Leapster” for 2 sweet boys!

Thanks for reading my blog.