This Is How I Roll.

I love a good story.

First, because I love to talk, and, second, well, just because I love a good story.

And with the exception of marriage and my two kids, this may be my best story.

I’ll try to make this brief, but in order to really appreciate this great story, details are necessary. So bare with me. If you’ve spent any time at all on my blog, you know that I have a love affair with the Saturn Sky. I’ve mentioned it here, here and even on my About Me page. So, now that we have that out of the way, you can clearly see that I do indeed, have a fondness for the Sky.

Each year I participate in a consignment clothing sale called Lil Lambs.  It is held at a church in Hurricane, WV which just so happens to be about 2 miles from the Saturn Dealership. By mere coincidence I had two hours between the time I worked and the time I shopped.


I headed toward the Saturn Dealership and this is what I saw

Oh sweet mercy.

My heart raced.

My mouth watered.

And, I was hoping that at least one of them would be unlocked so I could jump in, snap a picture of myself sitting in it and escape before any of the salesmen could hound assist me.

I no sooner got to the chili pepper red Sky when a salesman came be-boppin’ out of the dealership.

Just my luck, I thought.

SALESMAN: “May I help you?”

ME: *Rambling for sure*   “Well…, I am in love with this little car and I have 2 hours to kill and I am without kids, so I thought this would be a great time to salivate, dream, stop by for a closer look.” *And, please, please can I test drive one of the little suckers even though I have no intentions of buying one! I felt like saying.* “The Chili Pepper Red one is my favorite.”

SALESMAN: “That is a 2008 Roadster.”


SALESMAN: “Would you like to drive it?”

ME: *Stuttering*  “The chances of me buying this car are slim to pretty much none, since I have 2 kids and a minivan, but I would indeed love to drive it anyway.” *And, please put the top down.*

SALESMAN: “Let me get the keys and we’ll take it for a test drive. By the way, we just got a 2009 Ruby Red Turbo Sky today that only has 7 miles on it. You could be the first to put actual miles on it.”

ME: *Proudly*  “Is it a standard?”

SALESMAN: *Clearly impressed*  “Oh, you want to drive a standard? No, this one is an automatic but it has the the red-line engine with 270 horsepower… blah, blah, blah.”

ME: “I’d actually rather drive a standard than a turbo because I won’t be speeding”  *and because McDaddy would be proud that I chose the standard*.

SALESMAN: “I Just need to make a copy of your driver’s license.”

ME: *Almost ready to give up my first born in exchange for one of the little suckers*  “Sure, here you go”

SALESMAN: *Returning in time to see my drool*  “As it turns out I have another customer. Here, enjoy yourself. *Handing me the keys*  “Oh, and let me put the top down first.”

ME: *Ready to faint*  “OK, THANKS!”

SALESMAN: Let me just show you a few things first. Here’s the cruise. The XM Radio Controls are right here. Any questions before you go?

ME: *Starting it up*  “Maybe I’ll go rob a bank and then I’ll come back and buy this one.”

SALESMAN: “If you’re going to rob a bank, you should most definitely take the turbo.”

ME: *Chuckling* “I’ll remember that”  *Pulling out*

Holy Sweet Hallelujah!

It’s 2:01 pm. Open road. 87 Degrees. Top Down. Getting used to the touchy clutch. Radio blaring. Me smiling. Adjusting the mirrors. Sunglasses on. No kids. Wind blowing. Eyes lit up like Christmas. Whooping it up. Racking my brain trying to think of somebody, anybody who lives in the area that I can show this thing to. Wishing McDaddy was with me. Smiling at other drivers who are clearly jealous of me. Silently praying to God to please drop one of these suckers in my lap. Me smiling. Appreciating the salesman making my day year. Appreciating God’s provision of “the customer” so that I could drive it alone. Me smiling.

Did I mention I was smiling?


I told you this was a great story.

And, if you just so happened to be in the Teays Valley / Hurricane / Milton area on that day at approximately 2pm and saw a giddy-stay-at-home-mom, driving a red Saturn Sky, stopped at a red-light with Sugarland’s song All I Wanna Do, uh uh uh uh a do uh uh uh uh a uh blaring from the radio, well, that was me.

Or, if you happened to be at the Hurricane Subway and happened to spot a giddy-stay-at-home-mom in a chili pepper red Saturn Sky sitting on the parking lot snapping pictures of herself, well, that was probably me too.

And this is what she might have looked like.

*Pay no attention to the hot mess that IS my hair.*

Or, even if you happened to be within a thirty mile radius of the Teays Valley / Hurricane / Milton area and heard a big long “WOO HOO” with a hint of redneck accent that might have sounded like it came from a giddy-stay-at-home-mom, driving a red Saturn sky, well, that in all likelihood, was me too.

I drove for about 35 minutes and made it back just before the Saturn Sky Police came looking for me in which case the giddy-stay-at-home-mom wouldn’t be so giddy anymore and the name of my blog would take on a name of its own.

*Pulling back onto the lot… back to reality*

SALESMAN: “Well, how’d you like it?”

ME: “Well, I thought that driving it would scratch an itch. But driving it just gave me a rash and now I must have one!”

SALESMAN: “You do look good in it”

ME: *Blushing*  “And, I’d love to have it.” (Unfortunately I had already called McDaddy to report my status as a giddy-stay-at-home-mom driving a red Saturn Sky and to inquire about whether or not we had $28K sitting around in an off-shore account I didn’t know about).  “Maybe someday, after are kids are grown”…”Oh, and I happen to be a blogger *(who formulated this whole plan in her head last night so she could share this sexy little car with her loyal blog fans)* and would love it if you could snap a picture of me for my blog.

SALESMAN:  Sure. *I’m almost sure he rolled his eyes*

ME: *Still Giddy*  “You made one of my dreams come true today and I really appreciate you allowing me to take it for a test drive.” *Should I ever at anytime come into a pile of money, this will be my first stop*



In case you’re wondering

THIS IS HOW I [would like to] ROLL!

The Sky’s The Limit!


  1. Someone's M-I-L says

    This is TRULY one of your BEST blogs, Julie. SURELY, SOMEONE with an extra 28K (lying around not getting much interest anyway these days) will read this piece and present you with the above described vehicle. What a BLESSING that person would receive — by just watching your face light up with JOY beyond measure. But if that person were somehow anonymously able to do this — the joy would be even greater for that person by just reading your blog after you received your Sky. Any takers out there — or should I say “GIVERS”? I bet God would get the glory! And YOU would be a partner in that, too! “Just sayin’.”