My Time To Shine

I’ve made a very important decision today.

I’ve decided to put all manner of fall stuff away so that I can bring on Christmas.

I realize it may seem as though I’m rushing the season just a tad. That’s because my aunt Jane is coming to WV for Thanksgiving and will be here on Friday night. The next week, McDaddy’s sister, Angie and her family will be here from NH. The week after that, a certain someone and her oldest son have birthdays one day apart.

So, for the sake of argument (Hi McDaddy), lets just say I’m thinking ahead. For once.

As I sit here wasting time explaining my logic, I thought it would be fun to let you know what your life would be like if you were my Christmas tree.


  • You’d spend the majority of your time tucked away in our loft waiting for your time to shine.
  • You’d be thankful to be in a home that really appreciates you and your beautiful branches. (Sounds cheezy. Yes, but its true).
  • You’d secretly wish I’d throw that stupid rotating Christmas tree stand out in the yard so you could just chill.
  • You’d silenty chuckle as you watched McDaddy stand on top of a bar stool teetering on the brink of disaster just to put that friggin’ angel on the highest point of your 9 foot frame. (Did I just use friggin’ and angel in the same sentence?)
  • You’d cringe at the thought of the 3 year old coming toward you at full speed on the Little Tikes motorcycle.
  • You’d wonder why you only get the clear lights and some of your friends get cool, colored lights.
  • You’d enjoy being perched in front of the window where you can be enjoyed by passerbys.
  • You’d be fascinated by the process of fetching you and your big box from the loft.
  • You’d smile when visitors to the McResidence oohhed and aaawwwed over you.
  • You’d see me sitting in the dark every night starring at you.
  • You’d be thrilled to death that today was your day to shine.
  • You’d wonder why there were no pictures on this post to go along with the moving tribute to you and your branches.

Pictures to follow.


Now, let’s get these scarecrows put up….


  1. says

    I say bring it out! We have people in our neighborhood to decorate their outsides at Halloween with white or multi-colored lights under the guise of Halloween. Then they just somehow manage to leave them up until Thanksgiving and then well, it’s time for them to be Christmas lights! : )

  2. says

    You’d also wonder why it took the sis-in-law two trips from the car to realize your glorious 9 foot self! Beautiful tree Julie; wish I had your ambition.