Look At That Sky

If you’ve been a loyal reader of my blog for any amount of time, you know that I have a long-standing love affair with the sexy, sleek, Saturn Sky.

And here’s why….

I told you it was sexy.

Now that you have an idea of why I triple love this car, I thought it might be fun to let the powers that be at Saturn know how much I would love to have one.

Internets, picture this… Me driving on the open road, my hair blowing, an ice cold Dr. Pepper resting safely in the console, the wind blowing my eyes apart with nothing in my way but the occasional stop light or elderly driver trying to decide which lane they are supposed to be in.

The thought of me driving this car was exciting.  So exciting in fact that I logged onto Saturn.com to share my story. I secretly hoped that they’d take pity on this stay-at-home-mama and just give me one of the suckers. After all, they could write it off on their taxes, right?

Dear Saturn Folks:

I am a huge fan of the Saturn Sky. I’ll just go ahead and put it out there. Chili Pepper Red is my favorite color. And, I would prefer one with a standard transmission because I like control.

My husband, McDaddy is a car freak. And, I thought the very mention of my love for this little ride would be enough to send him straight to the Saturn Dealership to buy one. Instead, his idea of a more practical, ideal vehicle suitable for families, especially those with 2 kids was a minivan.

Sure, I can haul both kids and 4 of their friends at the same time. And, my Dr. Pepper will rest comfortably in the console. But who needs to take both of the kids at the same time anyway? And, aren’t I worth the $29K?

I am a princess after all.

For the time being, I am content with my minivan. If you see me driving around town, with both kids, the sun-roof open and the radio blaring, you can sure bet, I’m loving the room that dodge caravan with stow&go affords. But man, I sure would love to have a Sky. If by chance you have an extra one that you need to get rid of, you can send it my way. I’d certainly appreciate it.

I hit “SEND” and had high hopes that my letter would be viewed by the CEO of Saturn himself. And, that after reading it, he would realize that my sincere love affair with this sleek vehicle would warrant serious consideration and ultimately result in his signing one over to me.

Not more than 6 hours later, I received this response from a Saturn employee.

Hello Julie,

We appreciate the time you have taken to write to Saturn.  I so pleased that
you shared your blog with us.  I wish I was empowered to send
you a chili pepper red SKY, as I would love to dole out few to creative
people like you.

I hope you do enjoy your van; however, I hope in the future the man of your
dreams makes your SKY day dreams come true.  In the meantime, I have
requested a surprise package be sent to your home.  Your e-mail made my day
brighter, and I want to return the favor.  Keep an eye on your mailbox, as
you should receive the package in the next few weeks.

If you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail
us again or call us at 1-800-553-6000, prompt 3.


Sheron H.
Saturn Customer Assistance Center

I was like a kid at Christmas receving the e-mail.

Upon arriving home three days later, I found the suprise package on my doorstep. I carefully sliced the box open and rummaged through the tissue paper half expecting to find a shiny set of keys.

Instead, I found some really cool Saturn stuff. A stuffed frog wearing a Saturn shirt, a Saturn football, a heavy Saturn pen, and a Saturn first aid kit (which is now in the console of my van).

Oh well.

Sheron H. if you have stumbled upon my blog, I’d like to thank you for the gifts and for taking the time to respond to a loyal Saturn fan. If I ever hit the lottery the Saturn dealership will be my first stop. Perhaps you could send this on up the chain to someone in a bigger office.

Keeping my eyes on the Sky.



  1. Tanna says

    This is absolutely too funny!! I have tears in my eyes!! First of all, I can’t (ok, I can) believe that you wrote them an email. Second, I can’t believe that they not only wrote you back, but sent you a package of goodies. Good luck in seeing if the higher-ups at Saturn send you keys.

  2. Someone's M-I-L says

    You never cease to amaze me. If you receive keys in the mail someday for that car, I will smile and ask myself, “Why am I NOT surprised!?” 🙂