A Wild Ride!

I am pooped after a long day of shopping, a movie, dinner and wrapping gifts. I’m not sure I have the energy it takes to write a cohesive post, however, I’m never too tired to be nosey. So how about this?

I ask a question. And you, answer it.

We’ll play along with Island Lifes Aloha Friday again this week.

Let’s go with…..


If you’ve spent even three minutes around here, you would know my answer to this question. My dream ride is sexy, sleek and actuallly affordable. It’s just doesn’t happen to be practical if you have a husband and two kids.

Introducing my beloved friend, The Saturn Sky.


*big sigh*

Yes, that is me. And yes, that is a Saturn Sky…. don’t I look good in chili pepper red?

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That’s all.

I do hope ya’ll have a lovely weekend.


  1. says

    Certainly looks like a “sweet” ride! Ummm, back when I was younger I wanted a mercedes sports coupe. Now? I’d just like to have my mini van fully loaded!

  2. says

    Wow, thats a Saturn? I remember when they had two cars to choose from. They sure have come a long way.

    I don’t know what my ride of choice would be. I did see a really nice Lexus SUV yesterday and commented about it. Of course that is so far out of my price range that I will stick with my cheap, paid for Mercury SUV.

  3. says

    I actually love the car I have now however, if I could go out and purchase any car I wanted it would be a Jaguar XJ8L. I love that car! On the other end of the spectrum, I’d wouldn’t mind a VW Beetle convertible to zip around in.

  4. McDaddy says

    My dream vehicle is a 1996 XJ (that’s a Jeep Cherokee for you pavement pounders) with a 3″ lift, 31″ mud tires, a spare tire on top, a couple dents in the side and a hole in the floorboard.

    I’d take a Corvette or a SRT8 Challenger too.

  5. Someone's M-I-L says

    McDaddy: For 2 cents I’d just go get you a lifted, dented, holey ’96 XJ with a spare tire on top. Cause I really like you a lot. 😉 My favorite ride would be a beautiful Clydesdale, complete with all the trimmings. I’d hug him everyday. 🙂